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Many unscrupulous individuals go around slapping the title of ‘life coach’ to their names. They will attempt to dazzle you with wondrous ‘secret knowledge’ and ‘sure-fire approaches’ that will give you the ‘best life that you can get.’

These ‘gurus’ are not hard to find. A lot of people like to fancy themselves as wise, old sages who know the secrets to a happy life. However, finding a professional coach who can truly help you set your goals, reach them, and genuinely improve your life is a totally different matter altogether

I am Dr. Anthony Centore, Founder and Life Coach for Thrive Brooklyn Counseling and Life Coaching, I would like to tell you right now, personally or through the phone, that even if you may feel you’re hopelessly lost, even if you’re in the deepest pits of despair, even if you feel that you deserve no forgiveness or mercy, you can have a better, more fulfilling life. Even if you don’t have any crisis in your hands and you just feel that you’re going nowhere, we are here to help you learn how to realistically and optimistically set your goals, strive hard for them, and then to live the life that you want.

"Man always dies before he is fully born." This is a quote from one of the eminent heads of psychotherapy, and it simply means one thing:

No man can reach his maximum potential, for there is always room for improvement.

The Dirty Little Secret about Life Coaching

You may have heard people say that psychotherapy brings you out of pain and into healing, while life coaching brings you from neutrality to success. This point of view puts everything about your life into just one continuum: from a rating of -5 (for pain and suffering) to 0 (healing and neutrality) to a 10 (life success and greatness.)

But take this into consideration: what if you’re doing great in your job, while your family suffers? You may be the top CEO of the place you’re working for, but your family is a total wreck and you’re about to experience your fifth divorce in five years. Could you still put yourself into a rating of 10 points in your ‘life rating’?

This point of view simply doesn’t work. We can have a perfect score of 10 in one aspect of our lives, like at work, but have a score of -10 in another, like family.

A big challenge in life is to strike a balance between all aspects of our life – to improve our career without harming our marriage or social relationships.

And yet another false point of view is that clients of successful life coaching are not suffering or in pain. Suffering is a part of life, whether we like it or not. We cannot escape it, no matter what we do, and we have to learn to live our lives to the fullest while bearing our suffering with pride and dignity.

A more complete diagram of life experience. The inner ring for each section is "1", the outermost ring is "10." Where are you in each of these areas?

You may be seeking life coaching for a variety of reasons. Pain and suffering may not rank high for you, but they are inescapable facts of life. You may find yourself unaware that you’re struggling with one or more of these common life problems:


Depression literally sucks the life out of you, those around you, and those who care about you. And depression isn’t just an isolated problem: one in five people, or 20% of our population, experience depression every single year.

Some symptoms of depression can include: sadness, loss of interest in enjoyable activities, weight loss or weight gain, change of appetite, insomnia or excessive sleep, slowed physical movements, agitation, decreased energy or fatigue, feelings of worthlessness, excessive guilt, indecisiveness, an inability to concentrate, and more.

The demands of the busy lifestyles demanded by living in Brooklyn, as well as the sweltering summers and long winters, all serve to aggravate the cheerless effects of depression.

Stress and Burnout

With the demands that today’s society puts on us, the increasing problem of stress and burnout is steadily eating away at people’s ability to enjoy life. This “Busy Epidemic” is a grim warning that rest and recovery is a vital part of our lives, and cannot be ignored for long.

When we push ourselves too hard for too long the result is always some degree of burnout, and the signs of a person who experiences such burnout include:

  • Cynicism
  • Desire to ‘escape’
  • False belief that one is a failure
  • Feeling
  • Hypercritical of others
  • Inappropriate displays of anger, depression and frustration
  • Constant physical illness
  • Substance (i.e. drug and alcohol) abuse

Sometimes, we don’t even notice that we’re already building up enough stress to lead to burnout. These are some signs that are caused by increasingly destructive amounts of stress:

  • Unable to relax
  • Feeling tense or ‘on edge’
  • Constantly expecting trouble
  • Uneasiness or anxiety
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Dry mouth
  • Jumpiness or feeling faint
  • Excessive perspiration and clammy feeling

Self-image, Self-esteem, or Self-worth

Self-esteem refers to the way you view yourself and how much you value yourself. High self-esteem allows you to tackle life’s problems and personal criticisms with greater resiliency and fortitude. Just keep in mind that a high self-esteem doesn’t necessarily mean being brash, arrogant and displaying an overblown ego. That’s a totally different problem.

However, it’s low self-esteem that presents the most problems:

  • Hating oneself
  • Feelings of incompetence
  • Feelings of unworthiness
  • Refusing to trust others
  • Distancing the self from others
  • Believing that one doesn’t deserve love and support
  • Believing that one isn’t special and unique

Other people may pitch in and try to convince you that you’re useless, incompetent and better off dead than alive, and are often the cause of why poor self esteem is developed. Constant and prolonged negative feedback causes deep and painful emotional wounds, and definitely has a negative effect on self esteem.

Relationship Problems (and Loneliness)

Despite all the advances in communication technology, with cell-phones and the Internet at our fingertips, people are more alone than ever before.

Even in a large city such as Brooklyn, people still feel completely alone: half of all marriages end up in divorce, while the marriages and relationships that do last are marred by abuse, anger, infidelity, jealousy, pain, uncertainty and other destructive problems that cause serious relationship problems between people.

Long work hours, the busy bustle and hustle of life, and the need to constantly be on the move leaves little to help with this problem, denying us the time and attention needed to help us to treasure and understand those who matter to us.

Do these problems ring a bell? Can you connect with one or more of these problems?

Even when we live in the most affluent times in the history of mankind, even with all the power of technology is at our fingertips, the fact remains that the fundamental problem of pain and hurt is still there to plague us as a people. And many people keep these problems to themselves, suffering in silence; for fear that they will be ridiculed, belittled and pushed away because of their problems. Addiction, sexual issues, anger issues and eating disorders are just some of these problems that people don’t want other people to know.

And the longer a person tries to keep these problems inside them, the more pain and suffering they will bring to him or her.

We at Thrive Brooklyn Counseling believe that life is too precious and valuable to be destroyed by problems or stagnation. Thus, we encourage you to review the list of services we have to offer to help you overcome your problems, whatever they may be:

Thrive Brooklyn Depression Counseling
Thrive Brooklyn Anxiety Counseling
Thrive Brooklyn Addiction Counseling
Thrive Brooklyn Marital Counseling
Counseling for Loneliness or Isolation issues
Thrive Brooklyn Sex Issues counseling
Thrive Brooklyn Career counseling
Counseling for Meaning of Life issues
Counseling for Spirituality or Faith issues
Thrive Brooklyn Stress and Burnout counseling
Thrive Brooklyn Dependency Issues counseling
Thrive Brooklyn Relationship Therapy
Treatment for Eating Disorders
Thrive Brooklyn Weight Loss or Weight Management
Treatment for Worries and Fears
Treatment for Guilt or Shame
Thrive Brooklyn Trauma and PTSD therapy

You can learn to understand and love both yourself and others. You can move on and become a better, stronger person after your ordeal. You can be whole again.

All you need to do is reach out and take it.

"I want, no, I NEED a Life Coach! Where do I find a Personal Coach?"

First off, congratulations are in order: the mere fact that you’re reading this means you have taken the first step to finding the answer to your questions; to solving your problems; to getting the life that you want. You are this close to making change in your life, even if took weeks, months, even years for you to find it.

From this point on, you DO NOT go through this alone.

I, Dr. Anthony Centore, or one of the other excellent Thrive Brooklyn Counselors, will walk with you from this point onwards.

How is the Thrive Brooklyn Life Coaching the Best Coaching Practice in Brooklyn?

We know this is a bold statement, but we are not embarrassed about the professional standards we take so much pride in.

Thrive Counselors and Life Coaches help hundreds of individuals, couples, and families from Brooklyn every year, while our telephone and online coaching also allows us to reach out all over the country to those in need.

We have clients who hail from Harvard University, MIT, Brooklyn University, Tufts, McClain Hospital, and Massachusetts General Hospital – these clients from prestigious institutions all demand the best services, and we do not fail to deliver.

That is because here at Thrive, we are focused on your welfare and wellbeing. We go the extra mile to provide our clients with only the best counseling and coaching services staffed by the most competent counselors.

We recognize that only qualified and competent counselors will be able to live up to our professional standards. Our Counselors:
  • Have earned Doctoral (PH.D.) level degrees.
  • Are at par with mental health professionals nationwide
  • Regularly contribute to the mental health profession by having their works published in CCT Magazine (a counseling magazine read by 50,000 subscribers), and the prestigious Journal of Mental Health Counseling
  • Have numerous achievements, certifications and specializations
  • Are driven for excellence by constantly updating and refining their skills and expertise in life coaching

“A strong therapeutic relationship between the counselor and client” is the cornerstone of our client-counselor philosophy, as well as our client-life coach approach. It is on this basis that our counselors are able to connect with our clients to professionally and competently assist our clients to overcome problems and attain a better life.

It is this focus on our client’s welfare and wellbeing that pushes us to give our all from the first time you make a phone call to our office (917-525-2451), to the first step you take in our office atop a beautiful building on Cambridge.

To facilitate better, more engaging lives, we look at the way we practice our profession of counseling as both an ART and a SCIENCE that helps people attain the same satisfaction and fulfillment as that our high-achieving and widely respected clients receive.

Your First Appointment is Today!

I, and the Brooklyn Therapists who work with me, offer our clients something that most other mental health care services do not. And that is our attention to time.

Time is of the essence. You deserve the chance for a better life, need it, now. Not a year later, not a month later, not even a week later. If you call us today to schedule your first session, you can get your first life coaching session appointment with our professional counselors in just one week. We can also manage to get our clients on the same day that they call, so your precious time won’t be wasted on long waiting lists.

This standard of management is unprecedented for counseling or coaching practices anywhere in Brooklyn, and we are proud of our professional standards of punctuality and properly managed scheduling: all to provide you with the best life coaching services that you deserve.

Yes, it is TRUE, You can Talk to a Professional Life Coach TODAY!

Let's take a few minutes and talk about your life goals, and how personal life coaching can help. 

You don’t even need to go to our office to see how our counseling process goes. When you call us, you won’t be talking to a secretary or other administrative staff: you’ll be talking to one of our skilled Ph.D. counselors, whose goal is to ultimately help you out with your problems or give you the support you need.

However, there are times when we are simply busy helping other clients with their problems. So if we are unavailable, do not feel as if we are rejecting you: leave us a message and we will call you back the very same day that you called us – often within the hour.

I really hope you take that next step and call to speak with a Thrive Brooklyn Life Coach. This might be the beginning of a dramatic life-changing experience for you. I really do want you to find the help, care, information, education, or motivation you are looking for. Let's begin right now.

Dr. Anthony Centore
and the Thrive Brooklyn Life Coaching Team


Just in case you missed it, a skilled Thrive Brooklyn counselor, not a secretary, will answer the phone and talk with you right now. If we are helping another client when you call, just leave your contact number and we’ll be calling you within the day – often within the hour. And if you decide to take the first step to a brighter future, we at Thrive Brooklyn will be able to schedule an appointment for you this very week.

You can get a better life for yourself: this is our task at Thrive Brooklyn. We don’t offer ‘magic solutions,’ nor do we offer ‘one-stop shopping’ to help you get the better life you deserve. We handle things professionally, with your best interests in mind, and we don’t rely on clichés and formulas to do that. We understand you, and will do what it takes to make your life better, happier and more fulfilling.

Change starts now: call 917-525-2451.